The Daily Examen

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Step 1: Stillness - Recalling God’s Presence

Be still before God. Remember His majesty and grace. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you honestly review the past day.

Step 2: Gratitude - Expressing Thanks

Review each scene of your day and give thanks to God for His gifts to you that day, both spiritual and material. Be specific, and express your gratitude to Him.

Step 3: Reflection- Looking Back on Your Day

Review the events of the day and how you acted in different situations. Ask what your words, thoughts, feelings, choices or reactions say about your true self, or your trust in the Lord. Where did we love, or fail to love? When were we consciously dependent on God’s Spirit, and when did we ignore Him?

Step 4: Sorrow - Asking for Forgiveness

After reflecting, express sorrow for the times you failed to follow or trust the Lord, and ask for His help for similar moments in the future. Feel the sorrow and gratitude in your heart as you pray, and receive His forgiveness.

Step 5: Hopefulness - Resolving to Grow

Ask God to help you as you look forward to tomorrow. Consider each of the major events, tasks, or people you will encounter. Resolve to trust in the guidance of the Holy Spirit as you remain consciously dependent on Him all day long.