In May of 1999, a small group of believers gathered together to reflect and pray at a small suburban home in Needham on a street called Highrock. While their ages and backgrounds varied, their visions were unified: together, they believed God was showing them something new - that He could reach a new generation of believers and non-believers alike with a new kind of church. Words like community and multi-ethnicity were discussed and named as key values for this group of believers; core convictions of their common calling.

By June, these believers, now numbering twenty, began meeting in the common room of a house in Cambridge, with seminarian Peter Sung preaching the first sermon. Later that summer, after establishing its first public meeting place at the YWCA in Central Square, the members decided on the name "Highrock" for their church, a reminder of the street where they first gathered to pray and dream.

The first Easter service provided the year's highlight, with over one hundred people in attendance and a dozen accepting Christ as their Lord and Savior. Following that exciting first year, Highrock found itself at a crossroads, with too few small groups and not enough active partners in ministry to adequately sustain it. This led to the hiring of Pastor Dave Swaim in July 2000 as Highrock's first senior pastor.

At the end of the year, having outgrown the space at the YWCA, anticipating future growth, and desiring a more permanent location to serve, Highrock moved into a church in Davis Square. In 2003, Highrock joined the Evangelical Covenant Church, an active, growing denomination of more than 700 churches. Five years later, with a solid core of committed members invested in the church, Highrock took a step of faith and purchased a church in Arlington, its first permanent home.

Highrock has always sought to be a community through which the transforming power of the Gospel can bring about real change for individuals and local communities.  In recent years, Highrock has sought to bring that same culture of transformation to the entire Greater Boston Area.  The goal: to plant vibrant local Christian churches in every community in the Greater Boston Area.  This began in 2008 when Highrock sent off 40 members to help plant a church in Brookline, MA.

Today we are planting churches in Salem and here in Quincy, each with the purpose of reaching its own unique local community while at the same time working together to bring about real transformation to Boston and beyond.