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Love's Last Words

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Women Who Led the Way

by Highrock Quincy

The #metoo movement has highlighted the way women’s voices have been systematically repressed, which has been happening for centuries.  But despite great obstacles, God used many women to shape and challenge us all.  In this series we’ll explore truths the Lord has revealed through some gifted women throughout history who were bold leaders, profound thinkers, and courageous followers of Christ. We hope you will join us for this series, so that like these women we study, you too will know God more deeply and be inspired to lead a life of passionate faith!


And They were Terrified: Why Christmas Matters in these Trying Times

by Highrock Quincy

Over the past few months the headlines have been frightening!  It seems that every day brings a new hurricane, twitter-storm, nuclear test, federal indictment, racial incident or harassment revelation.  Many of us are afraid to check the news anymore, but even more afraid not to, lest we get blindsided by a new policy that might change the course of our lives!

On a dark night 2000 years ago, a group of shepherds were accosted by an Angel, and we read that like many of us today, “they were terrified!”

But that angel instructed “Do not be afraid. I bring Good News… 

As many of us feel afraid today, we want to hear again the Angel’s promise and discover why Christmas is still “Good News of Great Joy for ALL the people.”


Making Space at the Table

by Highrock Quincy

In a world where we're always trying to impress each other, hospitality can devolve into an exercise of trying to entertain people.  But Christian hospitality looks very different, it's extending ourselves to the stranger, whoever they may be.  We serve a God who pushes the boundaries of who is invited to the table.  This series leans into what that can look like for our lives and beyond.  


Greater Things for Greater Boston

by Highrock Quincy

God has a passion for the city.  Why?  Because God loves people, and the city is filled with people.  This series captures God's heart for the city and challenges us to love the world as he does.  

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Unexpected: When God Catches You By Surprise

by Various Highrock Pastors

A unique look at the annunciation text examining one verse and it's impact on our lives today.  This series was preached by multiple highrock pastors across the wider highrock network.  

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Upside Down

by Highrock Quincy

Jesus didn't come to teach us how the world works.  We know how the world works.  Jesus came to teach us how his kingdom works.  Join us as we explore his upside down teachings in the greatest sermon ever, The Sermon on The Mount.

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Pressing on Together: A Winter Workout Through the Book of Philippians

Let's work out those spiritual muscles! This series will be more than just sermons on Sundays; we're encouraging everyone to scribe the book of Philippians 3 - 4 times over the course of the series, each time with a different emphasis to help you connect with God and grow in His word.

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The Story of Jesus

by Highrock Quincy

Let Justice Roll Down

by Highrock Quincy

We believe in a God of grace and justice.  Listen and hear God's passion for justice in his world.  

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Grace Gone Wild

by Highrock Quincy
God on Film 2.jpg

God on Film 2

by Highrock Quincy

Key Questions

by Highrock Quincy
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Hope Rising

by Highrock Quincy

Redemption Story

by Highrock Quincy

The Bible is not a collection of random stories.  The arch of scripture tells a beautiful story of redemption for all things.

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Passion: The Week that Changed the World

by Highrock Quincy
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Name Above All Names

by Highrock Quincy

We often live life as if we are in the starring role, the name at the top of the credits.  But the story of Scripture shows us that there is a name above all the other names.  Join us as we learn his name together.  



by Highrock Quincy

God on Film

by Highrock Quincy
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Money Matters

by Highrock Quincy

All things come from God, and everything belongs to him.  So how should that change what we do with the resources we have in our life?


The Gospel of Matthew

by Highrock Quincy

A short series through the opening chapters of the first Gospel.  

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Jesus for President


God of Our City

by Highrock Quincy

Our world is broken, but God is passionate about our broken world.  We see this in cities throughout scripture, the stories of these cities speak to our lives in Quincy today.