COVID Update: We no longer require masks for worship. We do ask that those who are ill remain home.

Our Mission

We exist to see people and communities transformed through the power of connecting to God.

Connecting to God Personally

Whether you have followed God your whole life, or are newly curious about who Jesus might be, our mission is to help you connect more deeply with the God of the universe who was revealed to us in Jesus.

Connecting to God's People

Sin has separated us not only from God, but from people as well. The work of Jesus reconciles us to one another, and as part of our mission we pursue intimate community with each other.

Connecting to God's Purposes

God is on a mission to renew the whole world. We join with God in this mission by caring for the poor, standing with the powerless, introducing people to their creator and advocating for the weak. This includes acts of compassion, justice and discipleship that are exemplified through the heart of God displayed for us in the Bible.